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Westside Grows Campaign

A visible, accessible and functional building is our answer to Christ's invitation to: "Love your neighbour"
In early 2015, Westside Church formed a building development committee to look at a variety of options the congregation faced in regards to the building structure. The committee along with an architect firm came up with some drawings to renovate the existing building to meet our needs. Our needs included accessibility to all gathering spaces, washrooms and nursery, a multi-use sanctuary, an enhanced kitchen and a rejuvenated exterior. The congregation voted in favour of these drawings. 
In order to make these drawings a reality, Westside has committed to a undertake a capital campaign to raise funds. While the main objective is to raise money for our renovation, this journey is also being launched to ignite spiritually growth in our congregation and surrounding areas. 
The campaign began in the fall of 2017 with a round of home visits, a 12 hour prayer vigil and an all church banquet. Many wonderful moments of fellowship were experienced at these events. On September 23, 2018 the congregation celebrated reaching $130,000! There was pizza, cake, balloons and tons of fun!
In November of 2018 the second round of home visits, prayer vigil and banquet occurred. Please see the photos (PDF's) below for just a peek at all the enjoyment that has been had!
By the end of August 2019 the campaign had raised just over $317,000. We are well on our way to reaching our campaign goal and possibly even surpassing it! 
Throughout the summer we asked the congregation to consider taking home a Westside Grows coin bank and collect any coins or bills they could spare. In September we collected the banks back and were thrilled to count up over $2,500. What a wonderful surprise and gift that was towards the campaign!
We are now gearing up for another round of visitations that will occur either by phone or physical visit, the prayer vigil (with a new time 3pm to 3am) on November 8th to 9th and the All Church Banquet on November 17th. 
While all this has taken place the Stage 2 Building Committee has been working behind the scenes to make the building project a reality. 
Please take a browse through our Westside Grows Newletters below for more information! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the campaign, please contact Jennifer Bowman at