“God is light; In him there is no darkness...”  

[1 John 1:5]

We live out our lives in the knowledge that no amount of distress or

anxiety or fear will prevent the Spirit of God from moving in our midst.

Even in these days, we are enveloped in the Spirit.


Last month the Government of Ontario announced that places of worship may reopen at 30% of their space's capacity. Some (but not all) places of worship have reopened.

The Westside Session and Board knew the day would come when the Government and Health Authorities would give us permission to reopen - with restrictions. We also knew we would not rush into re-opening simply because we've been told we could. The health and safety of our church family and the community are our priority. To that end, the Session of Westside has agreed that we will continue worshiping online for July and August – with a goal of gathering again for in person worship in early September.

Our church building will re-open when we have made the necessary preparations for in-person gatherings. Over the summer we will stocking up on cleaning supplies; and, installing signage and sanitizing stations in order to be prepared for in-person gatherings.

It was with unexpected foresight that the Congregation agreed in April of 2017 to remove the pews from the Sanctuary. This decision will allow us to best facilitate physical distancing between individuals and family units. We will take the time necessary to be prepared.

Again, your safety, and the health of the wider community is of greatest importance to us as we take our next best steps; and again, thank you for your prayers and patience.

The Session of Westside Church


Westside’s Prayer Chain is available to pray for you, for urgent needs for families or individuals at any time.  You can contact Mardie Crosby by email at rcmk@rogers.com.

Let us remember to pray for each other.  As Christians, we turn to God in times of fear and uncertainty as we do in times of joy and celebration.

Pray for people who are infected with COVID-19, and their families.

Pray for people in higher risk categories, and their families..

Pray for medical professionals and administrators, caregivers, researchers, and leaders responsible for decisions about fighting the coronavirus, and their families.

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